BPYC has a long tradition of club racing with a full series of basin races from springtime to fall. Some of our members also participate in various regattas around the lake and it's not unusual to see a BPYC member picking up a flag at the end of a day's racing.

The collaboration between the various clubs in the basin has ensured a substantial participation in every combined racing event. We hold racing seminars every spring and also offer "practice" races to help introduce new sailors to the sport.

Visitors to the Clubhouse can see the various trophies that attest to BPYC's ongoing commitment to further the spirit of competition between sailors.

BPYC also offers cruisers the opportunity to taste the thrill of racing with the "Little Canada Cup" race every year. This event encourages non-racers to come out and participate is a friendly regatta. Ratings are adjusted to favor cruising boats... BBQs on the stern and plough anchors on the bow are welcome during this event.