We participate in an active cruising program with other clubs on the Lake usually around six cruises are organized every year to destinations east, west and south of BPYC. All members are welcome to join these cruises, which are a great way to get to know people and for nervous new sailors to venture out in company with helping hands close by.

Many members also head off alone, or in small groups to visit one of our many reciprocal clubs all around the lake where we can stay, often for free or at very reasonable rates, for a day or two, while the members of those clubs enjoy the same privileges at our club.

The cruising fleet, in addition to weekend trips, have deposited our burgee in all of the Great Lakes except for Superior. Members have explored the North Channel, the St-Lawrence passage to the maritime provinces, Lake Champlain, the Chesapeake, Florida and the Bahamas, passages to Bermuda and even several multi-year expeditions exploring the whole of the Caribbean.